• "Put Not Your Trust In Money, But Put Your Money In Trust" Oliver Wendell Holmes

    As explained in last month's Blog, a well drafted and properly executed Will is an essential part of a good estate plan.  Trusts also play a key role but these useful tools are often misunderstood.  It is common for people to assume that trusts are only for the mega-wealthy or that trusts are much too complex to manage.  However, adding a Trust to your plan is simple and can allow you to accomplish many goals, such as:

  • Choosing an Executor and Trustee . . . Some Things to Consider

    Choosing An Executor and Trustee . . . Some Things to Consider


    One of the most common questions I receive from clients is, “Who should I choose to administer my will and trust?” In providing clients with advice on this topic, I like to start by explaining what each role is, describing some of the typical tasks and responsibilities involved.

  • May is National Pet Month!

    May is National Pet Month

    Happy National Pet Month! It might be fun to celebrate with our beloved pets by taking an extra walk, adding an additional day at doggie daycare, or buying a new toy. These are all great ideas, but there’s something even better (and often overlooked) that we can do to show our pets love and appreciation. We can plan ahead for our pets’ care during a time that we’re no longer able to take care of them due to prolonged illness or death. There are a few ways to ensure long-term or permanent care for pets which will be discussed below.