Incapacity Planning

  • "Put Not Your Trust In Money, But Put Your Money In Trust" Oliver Wendell Holmes

    As explained in last month's Blog, a well drafted and properly executed Will is an essential part of a good estate plan.  Trusts also play a key role but these useful tools are often misunderstood.  It is common for people to assume that trusts are only for the mega-wealthy or that trusts are much too complex to manage.  However, adding a Trust to your plan is simple and can allow you to accomplish many goals, such as:

  • New Benefit For Medicare Patients

    Physicians Are Now Paid to Discuss End-Of-Life Care With Patients

    Talking about your own death is not easy or enjoyable for most people.  Chances are, you know you should have this conversation but have put it off.  There is no time like the present!

  • The Perfect Gift For Every Graduate


    There are many milestones on the way to adulthood; high school graduation and turning 18 are big ones.  With the age of majority come additional privileges and responsibilities.  Newly minted adults are expected to make more decisions for themselves, as their parents adjust to changes in their roles.