Elder Law

  • New Benefit For Medicare Patients

    Physicians Are Now Paid to Discuss End-Of-Life Care With Patients

    Talking about your own death is not easy or enjoyable for most people.  Chances are, you know you should have this conversation but have put it off.  There is no time like the present!

  • Tennessee Passes Cambpell-Falk Act to Protect Seniors


    Recently, the state of Tennessee enacted a groundbreaking and widely praised law focused on preventing one type of elder abuse. TheCampbell-Falk Act provides protection to individuals who have become wards of the state or whose appointed conservators control all aspects of their lives, from living arrangements and finances to their visitation schedules.

  • The Importance of Family Caregiving


    The Importance of Family Caregiving


    Family caregiving has always played an integral role in American society; and the need for this essential service will only continue to grow as our population ages. The following statistics highlight the importance of family caregivers in the United States: