As explained in last month's Blog, a well drafted and properly executed Will is an essential part of a good estate plan.  Trusts also play a key role but these useful tools are often misunderstood.  It is common for people to assume that trusts are only for the mega-wealthy or that trusts are much too complex to manage.  However, adding a Trust to your plan is simple and can allow you to accomplish many goals, such as:


  • Managing assets during your life and providing for incapacity;
  • Avoiding the costs and delays of the probate process;
  • Determining how, when and under what conditions your assets will be distributed to beneficiaries;
  • Protecting beneficiaries' shares from potential ex-spouses, lawsuits, and bankruptcy;
  • Providing for a a disabled beneficiary while protecting his or her eligibility for public benefits; and
  • Reducing or eliminating federal estate taxes. 

Plan ahead for the unexpected!  Contact Loftus Law Offices, PLLC; we'll work with you to create a sound plan for your family's unique needs.

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